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Reduce expensive hiring mistakes

Research shows that hiring the wrong person for a role can cost your company up to 5x that persons annual salary. This often happens because your interview process is not structured to pinpoint the right person. CATIL eGuide gives you a strategic approach to interview and helps you make the right hiring decisions.

Simplify interviews for hiring managers

It's not easy to know which questions to ask in an interview to get the information you need to make the right decision. For hiring managers who are already short on time, interviewing can also be a real drain on their resources. CATIL makes interviewing more time efficient and more focused for managers.

Hire more suitable employees

The aim in any interview is to achieve the best fit between person and job. This doesn't mean simply checking off skills and qualifications. You also need to ask the right questions to evaluate the person's competencies and behaviors too. CATIL gives you an interview questioning guide to make this easier.

Maximise your interview time

Unstructured interviews can be a serious drain on your time. Ideally you and your team would have an interview strategy beforehand and know which questions you want to ask and exactly what answers you're looking for. CATIL helps you streamline your interview process and save time in the long-run.

Spend more time on the best candidates

CATIL helps you define the key competencies for superior job performance in any role. It also gives you an individual guideline for interviewing, that highlights key behavioral indicators that help you spot the candidate's (un)suitability much earlier on.

Identify top talent before your competitors

These days the job market is flooded with great people. The companies that know how to identify and hire this top talent are the ones which achieve long-term success. Having an interview process that helps you focus on what really counts will ensure that you never miss out on hiring the best people in your industry.

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