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Humanize your 360 appraisals and deliver more meaningful feedback to your employees and managers.

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Create ideal competency profiles for any position or level

You know that successful employees have more than just the right credentials. Behaviours and competencies are just as important in defining job-performance, yet it's not easy to pinpoint which of these leads to job success. CATIL 360 makes this process quick and simple for you.

Deliver more meaningful, valuable employee feedback

Most managers find employee feedback difficult to get right, especially when it comes to annual appraisals or addressing underperformance. Successful feedback involves creating meaningful dialogue with a view to improving your employee's performance or morale. CATIL gives you a platform to do this.

Find out how employees perceive themselves and others

Finding out what impact you and your managers have on your employees isn't easy.  Nonetheless, knowing how your employees perceive and experience each others' behavior is vital to ironing out team blockages and improving performance and morale across the board. CATIL gives you this data in an instant.

Simplify employee feedback for managers

Great managers know that feedback is what keeps their people moving. The problem is, there are many other managers who don't actually know how to give feedback constructively, never mind how to affect positive change in an employee. CATIL gives your managers a "feedback roadmap" to give them a solid basis for delivering excellent feedback to anyone.

Create a more credible and engaging 360 review process

Most employees run a mile when annual appraisal time comes round. That's because most managers have little idea about how to conduct an effective performance review.  Usually, 360 assessments are time-consuming and unpopular with employees, and lack credibility within an organisation. CATIL changes all this.

Improve your coaching and mentoring skills

As you'll know, the best leaders spend time coaching and mentoring their employees because they realize the huge impact it has on performance and motivation. You've senn that these skills don't come naturally to most managers, but that doesn't mean they can't learn. CATIL provides your management team with a insightful basis to coach your people confidently and skillfully.

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