We’re eyeshift –  a passionate and energetic, female-run talent management and leadership consultancy company, based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

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Our driving aim is to help businesses just like yours to bring out the hidden potential in yourself and your organization. Regardless of your size or industry, we believe you and your workforce have the potential to be the best.

We do that together by using into the smartest predictive talent and employee assessments to help you get a clearer overview of the people potential within your business.

People-Focused And Profitable Organisations

We’re proud to say that we have years of hands-on experience in developing, growing and re-aligning companies that are people-focused and profitable at the same time. You’ll be amazed what the eyeshift talent management systems and methodologies can do for your personal development and for your bottom-line.

Talent Assessment & Leadership Wisdom = Success

Our multilingual team in Amsterdam trains and supports managers and senior executives from organizations across the world to improve their  operational excellence using the smart talent assessment tools and leadership wisdom that are packed tightly into the eyeshift Leadership Toolbox.

To get you up to speed with the know-how you need to implement and execute on this data, we also deliver a series of game-changing management and leadership training workshops to help equip you with the leadership and management skills needed to nurture more strategic and influential leaders and managers, in every area of your business or organization.

We guarantee you’ll see your organization very differently after using the eyeshift Leadership Toolbox of talent analytics.

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If you’re serious about harnessing the dormant potential of the people and teams in your business, we’d love to talk to you about how to improve  management performance, workforce morale and quality of job candidates with minimum stress and headaches.

Arrange your FREE Leadership Consultation now and tap into the valuable human capital information and years of C-level experience that we can bring to your board table. We help you build an organization that your customers and employees love.

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