Nelien Krijtenburg – eyeshift Founder, Director and Senior Consultant

We give our clients access to systems that deliver insights into human dynamics that  ultimately make them more confident and more able to lead successfully. By getting to know themselves, our clients can work better with their people!

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Nelien Krijtenburg is the director & founder of eyeshift, a talent management and leadership consulting company that  she founded 12 years ago to help business leaders, managers and HR professionals to create and develop more successful and sustainable organisations.

Motivated by people and their natural potential, she helps you identify what makes you successful, and how to uncover the things that help make your employees successful, too.

By training you to use the talent analytics in the eyeshift Leadership Toolbox, Nelien and her team help you make more profitable and principled decisions about your business and your people, without the usual guesswork and ambiguity.

Not only has  she coached the Dutch national rowing squad to achieve success and excellence, and supported 36 coaches and 86 players at the height of her career.  She has also studied and also worked extensively across the world as a professional trainer, and has consulted globally for international Fortune 500 companies, too.

She founded eyeshift in 2001 in Amsterdam, and has since  grown the company from strength to strength. With a large portfolio of international clients of all shapes and sizes, across the Netherlands and the world,  

Nelien is also the exclusive Dutch representative for the Predictive Index Management System™  and for the suite of TPI® talent management systems and assessments.

With a powerful motto – “We need to have fun!” Nelien has developed an innovative and creative  approach to team development and organizational design that helps you to manage and lead your people with more confidence, and make effective talent management decisions with less guesswork.

By combining her approach to organizational development with the eyeshift talent analytics within the Leadership Toolbox, Nelien helps organizations, just like yours, to make more profitable and principled decisions for the long-term growth of your organization and for the well-being of your employees.

In her spare time, Nelien sits on various committees and boards and enjoys travelling, languages and experiencing the world.

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