“It’s our mission to help you make the most profitable and principled decisions for the long-term growth of your organization and for the well-being of your people.”

Who Are We?

We’re eyeshift: a passionate and energetic, female-run talent management and leadership development consultancy company based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Our driving aim and passion  is to help businesses just like yours to bring out the hidden potential in yourself and your organization. Regardless of your size or industry, we believe you and your workforce have the potential to be the best.

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What Do We Do?

With our Director, Nelien Krijtenburg at the helm, we help you steer and execute the vision and the strategy of your leadership team more effectively and with less friction. By giving you access to a talent management framework, a set of super-smart organizational and talent assessments, and some seriously powerful people management know-how, you can learn what really motivates and drives your people to achieve long-term success in their roles…

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Why Do We Exist?

Put simply; we exist to make your business more innovative, more profitable and more sustainable. Our ultimate goal is to make it easier and less time-consuming for you to put the right people into the right places and give them what they need to succeed and achieve their potential. It’s a solid conviction of ours, that leaders and managers who tap into the latent sources of energy and talent within their workforce can, and will, achieve better business results in the long-term…

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Why Work With Us?

We’ve been supporting and advising amazing companies of all shapes and sizes to grow their businesses and develop their people in using the eyeshift Optimizer Framework and talent and leadership assessment data, for long enough now, to know just how beneficial this approach can be in smashing through the challenges of 21st century business or organization…

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